Heart On A Bayonet – Prologue

Synopsis: Wrongly convicted, a once prominent woman finds herself looking for life’s true purpose. This is the prologue and is centered around the main protagonist’s teen and college years written in first person perspective.



The Diaries

To think that it could’ve been me that died only one year ago… 

To think that there was an entire group of us eager to thrive and grasp life

To think that we wasted our lives desperately trying to stay awake and finish every last useless assignment. 

To think that we didn’t stop when the amphetamines got out of hand.

To think that we let each other die for a non-existent cause.

To believe we couldn’t make it without a worthless piece of paper that put a cheap price on our heads for hire.

To not stop injecting until there were two…Or one left out of ten. 

To die just to fill in one more word for that thesis that would be balled up in a trashcan by the same self centered idiot who assigned it only aiming to give good praise to those who had his exact same opinion. 

To know that they’d have the audacity to lay that crumpled up F grade on our coffins. 

My name is Catherine. At least that’s what they called the mistake of a child I was. 

Working until you dropped was considered disrespectful. But then even balancing it out was seen as lazy. 

Then being told that it was your decision to be born. As if you had the conscienceness to say “Hey God, I’d like to ruin these peoples lives.” Or as if it was you who decided to have an unsafe, unprotected intercourse that night to become an inconvenient parasite…

What kind of world is this… 

Why don’t they just create A.I. children to please? 

“It’s a bloody awful mess and that’s all there is to it.” – Anthony Hopkins in the film Shadowlands

To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Heart On A Bayonet – Prologue

  1. A very good story so far. 🙂 I’m excited to read the rest of it.

    I feel like a lot of dystopia stories are the same. But this one feels unique.

    Did you get the name Catherine from Dr. Catherine Halsey?

    And thank you for Liking that post on my blog “Being Naked Outside.” I imagine that post can come across as weird, but that’s not my intent.

    I feel like there are people who idolize their bodies — who see being naked as something they need to do rather than something they want to do — and I feel like there are people who despise bodies in general: To such people, nudity for non-sexual, non-medical, or non-bathing purposes (even nudity in art like “The Birth of Venus”) is to be avoided, the body being seen as another of the Devil’s traps, and not one of God’s creations that has, unfortunately, been negatively effected by this imperfect world.

    What I am trying to do is find a balance: Not turn my body into an idol, but not shun it either.

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    1. Glad you like it.

      I got the name partially from Dr. Halsey and partly from it being a reoccurring theme in my life – the name comes up pretty often. And whoever is named Catherine is often spoken of as being on the fine line of brilliance and psychotic derangement. And that’s where the dystopia part of the story kicks in. Is she really going off the edge or has she already gone off? But going off that edge brings a further question of whether she has fallen into insanity or reached enlightenment. I was bored of all the predictable and obviously unoriginal dystopian stories and wanted to give another perspective on it. That’s where Heart on a bayonet is different – she isn’t the hero or the villain – more of a mediator if anything. I’m bringing the perspective, the life of those inside the corrupted city, to the limelight so to speak. She’s experienced the beauty and the collapse and like you in “Being Naked Outside” post, is looking for a balance. And instead of corporations causing the gloomy, corrupted environment, or war, or corrupted leaders, it’s the negativity of the people. Their minds control the atmosphere which then brings in the concept and theory of our universe being a hologram – for which in real life there has been evidence found of such a notion.

      I actually didn’t find that post weird at all. Felt bold to take a desire and turn it into action; like the existential veil had been lifted and you’re getting closer to seeing what life is supposed to be for.

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      1. “Glad you like it.”

        Of course. 🙂 Your writing is very good.

        Thanks for the explanation on the name Catherine.

        “…instead of corporations causing the gloomy, corrupted environment, or war, or corrupted leaders, it’s the negativity of the people. Their minds control the atmosphere…”

        I’ve never read a story like this before. For me, this is uncharted territory. But I’m glad: That means there’s so much for me to discover.

        “I actually didn’t find that post weird at all.”

        I’m glad.

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