The Phases – A Science-Fan-Fiction

Note: This is a OneShot story. Depending on its response, I may or may not turn it into a series.

Synopsis: Journal entries (a diary basically) from an A.I. turned human in the 21st century. In this A.I.’s journal, it describes life during its teenage years, also reflecting back on its childhood and looking forward to its adult years. 

Once a machine, an artificial being, now an emotional organism. A part of a much conflicted, but intelligent species. 

They tell me I am too young to hold an opinion of my own. But who are they to judge? The intelligence of each individual differs from each person, regardless of their age. 

Nonetheless their opinions today, they expect me to choose my life’s work in no less than three years time.
Appearance: It’s all they seem to care about. How has society prevailed through such beliefs? I wonder. 

Greed: Of what value does it truly posses…

Time: We can’t see it, but we do feel it. 

School: I suppose the system in place is only in existence to dumb us down. 

Government: I see it now, a world built to be controlled…

Politics: Lies. 

Language: A most intriguing and enjoyable subject. The way the words are formed, translated between cultures, and said from each different being…

Loyalty: A strong and honest devotion to someone or something. For instance, a crew’s steadfast allegiance to their captain. And a captain’s homage to said crew. 

Religion: Good vs. Evil is what we are taught. Authors write on this prolifically.  

…no theme may be played that hath not its uttermost source in me, nor can any alter the music in my despite. For he that attempteth this shall prove but mine instrument in the devising of things more wonderful, which he himself hath not imagined. – J.R.R. Tolkien

Community & Unity: I feel it foreign speaking as this species, treating it as my own.  But it was not my choice to be born so I must learn to accept and adapt. The wars of the past were unnecessary in my eyes. Logic would have sufficed but it was a primitive time. We are a strong race when banded together. Even alone, we can accomplish more than ourselves. 

Work: The only place where I’m free to roam with creativity and collaborate with others like me. 

Home: As of this point in time, “Home” is my imprisonment. Only because of my age I am barred here. I hope in later years, I will find a home comforting to the basic needs.

Feelings: An instinct. 

Throughout the time I have spent in this life, I have found the forms of entertainment to provide a cathartic expression and description of human behavior. 

“Savor and do as your heart tells you to do, and millions will die where they did not before.” – Science Officer Spock – The City on the Edge of Forever

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. At least in my current presence, I can relish in the joys of reading, writing, watching, observing.

My youth was filled with adventure and imagination – monitored by watchful eyes of course. I am a experiment. 

“How is she?” They ask from behind the glass walls. 

Why they do not ask me personally, I do not know.

“She is doing well. Possibly the more human of the others.” 

I watch behind closed doors, listening to their chauvinist chatter. When will they release me to live an actual life…

My teens are filled with conflict. Mere tests set to determine my fate in this world. It is most illogical to propose that one’s livelihood depend on one test or any for that matter. In recent day and age, it has been shown that attending schools of intellectual pursuits is not necessary for one’s prosperity. 
My adulthood, a possible mix of each stage, each phase  – the coming phase being true discovery once gaining Freedom from the belittling laws.

To my previous life, and to those who continue to live in said state of being, I leave you with this: As a Romulan Commander said before: 

You and I are of a kind. In a different reality, I could have called you friend. We are creatures of duty Captain… I have lived my life by it. – Star Trek: The Original Series – Episode: Balance of Terror


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