What Society Has Lost

“You know that instinct to leap without looking, that was his nature too. And in my opinion it’s something Starfleet’s lost.”
Christopher Pike – Star Trek – 2009

With all the bullshit going on in today’s world, I felt compelled to write this.

I’ve returned to my old roots having noticed more often the amount of political correctness being shoved down our throats – rules and regulations being forced, no room given for creativity, etc. Jokes and every little word continues to be labeled as “offensive” in our society. Yes, I know people have always been this way but back then, there was less whining being thrust into public eye and more hilarity being enjoyed. The video below exclaims my position on this perfectly. You’re offended? So be it. Free speech.

We all have a right to an opinion and censoring a side of an argument just because you don’t fancy it would not only be unconstitutional but also bigoted. Why be narrow-minded?  This is the twenty-first century and rather than move backward — or purposely put our species at a standstill, I say we learn to tolerate the differences between each other; and furthermore fulfill what Star Trek has shown us. Stop complaining keyboard and so called “social justice” warriors about a harmless joke and start helping progress our species and our society(s) as a whole.


Moving along, lets talk about the video game realm. With the help of a friend and a little luck, my original Xbox 360 was fixed. Playing Gears of War 2 and Halo 3 again has reminded me of how simple things once were and how happy these the little things made me and many others. People these days complain, to a sickening degree, about how Bungie (the creators of Halo) had the Covenant speak English rather than having their own native language. To them I say Bungie did this for the hilarity of it. Yes, they could have come up with a new alien language like J.R.R. Tolkien did for his book trilogy The Lord of the Rings. But Bungie chose to have fun with their little project that has since turned into a multibillion dollar franchise. 343 Industries meanwhile had the Sangheili (in laymen’s terms: the Elites) speak some gobbledy goop in Halo 4 which sort of deterred some Veteran fans from the dialogue. In the disappointed that was Halo 5 however 343i corrected this – though the grunts sounded more like screamers than they did in Bungie’s time. Anyway, my point is people are much too cynical and critical of the world now. We have always been this way as I said before but now its really in the limelight.

Society has lost both its humility and sense of humor. Not to say there aren’t still people who can take a joke, there’s a ton but what I’m saying is the haters speak louder than us “few.”


Thanks to Tim for the picture. ^

I shudder to think at what the future holds from this point forward.

All I can do is hope and do my best.

Then again…

Quote from Star Trek: The Original Series – Episode: The Gamesters of Triskelion

Leonard McCoy: Hope? I always thought that was a human failing, Mr. Spock.

Spock: True, doctor. Constant exposure does result in a certain degree of – contamination.



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